This web site was always, primarily, intended as a resource for myself, a way of keeping track of the various things I've written over the last too many years. Even so, I hope there are things here that you might find interesting or engaging. If so, welcome to my web site.


I first started reading science fiction in my teens, but I became almost obsessively interested in the genre while I was at the University of Ulster. My degree was in Philosophy and History, and those two disciplines have influenced the way I have written about science fiction ever since.

In 1975 I had my first encounter with fandom and in the next couple of years started writing occasionally for fanzines. By 1978, that turned into writing reviews for various journals. 

I've arranged all my reviews chronologically and also in alphabetical order of author (and where possible linked to the reviews on line). I've also listed the various essays, interviews and columns I've done. By now, I've actually surprised myself by having a number of books published in my name, as well as contributing to quite a number of different volumes. And I've even had the occasional piece of fiction published.

In 1993 I married the wonderful Maureen Kincaid Speller, whose name does crop up a few times on this site. You really should do yourself a favour and check out her blog, Paper Knife.

There are overviews of what might laughably be called my career at the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and also (rather sparsely and not entirely accurately) at Wikipedia.

For rather more than 30 years I earned my living as an advertising copywriter, and if you're really interested, there are details of that career here.

Also at this site I've incorporated my ongoing Timeline of British Science Fiction, which will, of course, never be completed, and that often goes into abeyance for months at a time.

Oh, and before I forget, I also blog at Through the Dark Labyrinth and (very occasionally, now) at Big Other, if you feel the need to read even more of my writing.