Documents in the Case of Brother G           Tales from the Vatican Vaults         edited by David V. Barrett, Robinson, 2015
    Edenbridge          Fantastic Stories Presents: Fantasy Super Pack #1         edited by Warren Lapine, Positronic Publishing, 2014
    Disappearing          Strange Pleasures 3         edited by Dave Hutchinson, Prime, 2005
    The Impossibility of Travelling in Time          Strange Pleasures 2         edited by John Grant & Dave Hutchinson, Prime, 2003
    Last Day of the Carnival: 36 Exposures         Back Brain Recluse   , number 23, 1997 (shortlisted for the BSFA Short Fiction Award)
    Where He Went         Digital Dreams        edited by David V. Barrett, New English Library, 1990
    The Song of Women         Arrows of Eros     edited by Alex Stewart, New English Library, 1989
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